Máy Fax Canon L140

Mã hàng :Canon L140

Bảo hành : 12 tháng

Giá : 6820000 ( Giá chưa bao gồm VAT )

Mua hàng In báo giá

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Chức năng Fax:
Máy fax giấy thường in Laser khổ A4.
Tốc độ in bản fax: 14 trang/phút.
Tốc độ modem 33.6Kbps.
Thời gian gửi fax 3 giây/trang.
Khay nạp bản gốc tự động: 30 tờ.
Bộ nhớ nhận & gửi Fax: 346 trang.
Bộ nhớ gọi nhanh bằng 1 phím: 15 số.
Bộ nhớ gọi nhanh bằng 2 phím: 100 số.
Kích thước máy: 400x386x221mm.
Nguồn điện: 220V AC, 50-60Hz.
Sử dụng mực FX-9 in được 2000trang.
Chức năng Photocopy:
Photocopy khổ A4.>
Tốc độ chụp 12 trang/phút.
Độ phân giải 600 x 600 dpi.
Phóng to, thu nhỏ 50 - 200%.
Nhân bản 99 tờ.

Get professional laser fax quality in a compact and stylish design with this affordable Super G3 fax. Easy to use and energy efficient, it’s the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Compact and fast Super G3 fax
  • 340-page* transmit and receive fax memory
  • 15 one-touch and 100 coded speed dials
  • 30-page Automatic Document Feeder
  • 150-page paper capacity
  • Ultra High Quality imaging
  • Convenient copying
  • All-in-One cartridge
Superb laser fax quality in a compact and stylish unit

Fast, efficient faxing
This Super G3 fax transmits documents in as little as 3 seconds per page* to cut your communication costs down to a minimum. Faxes can be sent and received in the shortest time possible, freeing up the telephone line.

Worry-free faxing
If paper or toner run out, the 340-page* memory safely stores all incoming documents for printing out later. Lengthy documents can also be scanned before transmission to save time - and are then sent automatically from memory.

Quick, simple dialling
Dialling is quick and simple as 15 one-touch and 100 coded speed dials store all your regular numbers. A 2-line backlight display makes this fax extra easy to operate.

Speedy document feeding
With the 30-page Automatic Document Feeder, you can fax or copy lengthy documents smoothly in a single operation. Also save time on paper refilling thanks to the 150-sheet paper capacity.

Ultra High Quality
Our Ultra High Quality imaging technology ensures that all details come out clearly when sending documents containing diagrams, photos or fine text. Half-tone reproduction with 256 grey scales gives extra depth and clarity to images.

Convenient copying
Use this fax as a convenient copier, with a speed of 12 copies per minute. There’s zero warm-up time from sleep mode, so no waiting or wasted time.

All-in-One cartridge
Simply replace the All-in-One cartridge containing toner, drum and all essential parts and your fax is almost as good as ‘new’. There's no mess, no hassle - just continuous high quality output.

Energy efficient
This energy efficient and environmentally friendly fax uses only 3 watts in sleep mode.

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